Croix-Ronald Coppáge, PhD, MBA, CIS

Researcher • Author • Consultant • Systems Developer • Funding Developer


Business Administration (Non-profit Management), 2020. Rushmore University, British Columbia.
Metamorphosis: Caterpillar to Butterfly, an instructional book to assist entrepreneurs on the how-to’s of starting a new business, as well as an instructional guide to help nonprofit organizations better prepare for federal funding opportunities, focusing on five critical capacity building areas—leadership, organization, programming, revenue development, and community engagement.
Business Administration (Non-profit Management), 2004. Rushmore University, British Columbia.
Political Science (Pre-Law), 1989. Herbert H. Lehman College of the City University of New York, The Bronx, New York. (Pi Sigma Alpha/Magna Cum Laude).

English Literature (Writing Specialization), 1989. Herbert H. Lehman College of the City University of New York, The Bronx, New York.
Minor: Psychology; and earned a Distinguished Writer Certification.

Computer Science and Accounting, 1983. Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical Education College, Orangeburg, South Carolina.

Professional Courses


Dr. Croix-Ronald Coppáge has nearly 30 years of professional experience providing both direct and indirect consulting services to Fortune 500 companies in the areas of marketing development, sales planning, information systems; project management; training and development; investigative analysis, business development, business analytics, organizational/infrastructure development, human resources development, along with business planning, and research.
Dr. Coppáge has facilitated various seminars and workshops throughout the country in leadership development, nonprofit management, digital research, assessment and evaluation; funding development, as well as a host of other business training forums geared towards improving the viability of small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
Dr. Coppáge is a certified Principal Research Investigator (10 years) and has been the Principal Investigator / Research on over 12 federal funded projects since 2002. In 2012, the Office of Minority Health under the Department of Health and Human Services, cited the EYES Research Project as a “Best Practice” program. This project evaluated the impact of mentors on the academic development of minority youth in Brooklyn, New York.


In 2005, as CEO of EYES Inc., Croix was responsible for establishing the first long-term safe haven for battered women and their children (SafeSpaces), in the largest county of South Carolina—Orangeburg. He augmented this success with establishing the first emergency shelter for runaways (YES!) in the same year, in the same county.
Since 1993, Croix successfully has founded four businesses and implemented nearly 20 new community-based programs, including the highly acclaimed research projects—PAW and MUMP—which evaluated the impact of physical fitness on youth academic development; and the longitudinal impact of trained mentors on the overall success of youth, respectively.

Since 2002 (2002-2019), Dr. Coppáge has acquired over $68M in federal, state, city, and private funding for small businesses (profit and nonprofit organizations)—nationwide. Of this $68M, he was responsible for the management of $17M. He has been an instrumental, and a driving force in the design, implementation and management of several Federal and State funded communitybased
programs and initiatives.

As Executive Director of EYES INC, Dr. Coppáge leads a team of technology professionals in the development of technical tools specific to improving the viability of SMEs in their communities across the country, which includes, BEAT911, the first online tool that assists SMEs with evaluating their programs, services, and assessing the overall business health of their enterprise; and RADICS CMS, a universal, online application that functions as a comprehensive tool for data collection and reporting on SMEs and their community-based programs and services. Further, Dr. Coppáge provides consulting services to community-based organizations, helping to set standard protocols and procedures for data collection and reporting.



As Principal Investigator, manage and oversee a $3M research project to provide substance abuse recovery services for young
mothers suffering from post-partum, with a substance abuse disorder. Funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA). Provide leadership and direction to a project staff to ensure research integrity. (2019-2024)

YES!—Youth Empowered to Succeed! is a BASIC Centers project to reduce homelessness among youth 13-18, in Essex County, New Jersey. Funded by the U.S. Administration for Children and Families for $600K, this 3-year grant (2017-2020) will be used to setup an intricate network of service providers to ensure safe transition of youths from the streets to a home. Lead applicant—Isaiah House, East Orange, New Jersey. Funded 2020-2023 for $600K.
This new project was funded for $600K by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, under its Street Outreach initiative. This is the first Federal grant received by this agency, and it is focused on providing shelter and supportive services for homeless LGQBTA youths in Essex County, New Jersey.

As Principal Investigator, manage and oversee a budget of $500K to implement a female homeless veterans’ program (HVRP), funded by the U.S. Department of Labor. Provide leadership and direction to a staff of three to include a Program Coordinator, Case Manager, and a Job Developer; to facilitate comprehensive program services to homeless female veterans residing within the north region New Jersey.

As Principal Investigator, manage and oversee a budget of $300K to implement a sexual assault program for women in Essex County, New Jersey. Funded by the NJ Office of Attorney General, Victims of Crimes Act (VOCA).
Served as the Interim Project Director for this New York City Department of Probation-funded mentoring program to serve 80 juvenile ex-offenders each year, for the next five years. As the designer and developer of the approved program infrastructure, my interim role is to implement the project to include hiring and training all initial staff, including Program Coordinator and twenty paid mentors. Detail the internal processes, and develop the online data collection system and tools to process and manage the confidential data flow between the program and the NYC Department of Probation, including but not limited to client in-take, client referrals from Department of Probation, client progress updates, mentor feedback, as well as program analytics relating to real-time outcome measures and evaluations.
Served as Project Director (February 2010 – September 2010) on the Empowering Youths to Excel and Succeed (EYES) Research Initiative funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services: Youth Empowerment Program to Medgar Evers College of the City University of New York. This research project was developed and created solely by EYES INC to be implemented in partnership with Medgar Evers College. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the effects of mentoring on at-risk youths in the Crown Heights Brooklyn community.
Served as a technical advisor to the E.Y.E.S. Research Project to ensure Federal compliance as it relates to study activities. Responsible for project assessment and evaluation, as well as creating and developing the infrastructure to capture and analyze research data, including pre- and post-assessment and surveys. Leading the development and creation of all data evaluators, including tables, charts, and graphs to present research data; as well as serving as the lead technical writer for all Federal interim and final project reports.
Sole creator and developer of this research-based project that garnered Medgar Evers College—School of Business $900K in Federal funding (Department of Health and Human Services: Youth Empowerment Program) for three years. Combining evidenced-based, Federally funded projects created, developed and implemented while leading EYES, Inc., EYES is a combination of both the PAW (Physical and Academic Wellness) project and M.U.M.P. (Multi-state Urban Mentoring Project) which uses mentoring as a vehicle to deliver a youth-based intervention curriculum designed to provide youths the necessary tools to make healthier and more positive lifestyle choices. (2009-2012)
The first long-term transitional living facilities for female victims of domestic violence and their children to serve the county of Orangeburg in South Carolina. (2003- 2007)
Outreach program targeting and providing multi-tier services for runaway youths in the State of South Carolina. (2003-2007)
A multi-state research project structured to evaluate the long-term impact of physical fitness and health education had on academic achievement of youth (8-14). Orangeburg, South Carolina, and Jersey City, New Jersey—2003-2004, and 2004-2007. In 2008, the PAW program was adopted and implemented by the Urban League of Hudson County, New Jersey, under a three-year funding award bestowed by the state of New Jersey under its NJ After-3 initiative.
Led this multi-state research project to study the long-term impact of trained mentors on the overall development of urban youth of Brooklyn, New York and Jersey City, New Jersey. (2004-2007)
Sole creator and developer of this urban-based computer technology training program to address the information technology training needs of impoverished youths in Jersey City, New Jersey. (2001-2004)
Sole creator and developer of Sole creator and developer of this City-funded training and apprenticeship program to work in tandem with G.O.L.C.O.N.D.A., to serve working-age young adults in the impoverished Hudson County of Jersey City, New Jersey. (2001-2004)


Systems Development

Developed Research Studies, Programs, and Curriculums


EYES, INC | Executive Director | 2001 - Present

As Executive Director, created and developed a series of community-based programs and project designs which garnered over $68M in Federal and State funds between 2001 and 2020. Developed teams of professionals between two states (New Jersey and South Carolina) which included managers, educators, counselors, consultants, and interns.) Other responsibilities include developing comprehensive analytical reports to assess the success of all implemented programs; overseeing all fiduciary responsibilities; developing and implementing new marketing and outreach strategic plans; and facilitating workshops and seminars for community based leaders in such areas as recruitment and retention; staff development, business health; and best practices for small businesses.

In June 2010, led the development of iBASS3, the first online small business assessment system, which provided small business enterprises an overview of the health of their organizations in five critical areas: leadership, organization, finance, services and marketing/community engagement. The system was launched in January 2011.

Since 2011, led the development of the EHR-certified RADICS (Research Analytics Data Interchange and Collaboration System) that is a comprehensive data collection, data analytic, and reporting system structured to increase the capacity of community-based organizations to be more sfficacious in their service delivery, as well as to assist with capacity-building relating to performance metrics. RADICS was launched 1Q14. (

In 2006, led a team of technology professionals to create the first online budget and purchase order management system—EZ-Sum—
which allows leaders of small enterprises to easily, and securely manage multiple projects, and multiple funding/budgets from
anywhere in the world.


Verticom, Inc. — commissioned (May, 2002) to research, develop and deliver an Action Plan for the CEO of Verticom, Inc. who was recently appointed CEO of Standard Trust Bank, LTD. of Nigeria. The action plan included new direction for human resources, reorganization, enhancement of current banking services (sales and marketing), and new financial objectives.
Verticom, Inc. — commissioned (May, 2002) to research, develop and deliver business plan and presentation for a $1B international acquisition deal for the CEO of Verticom, Inc. The business plan focused on the financial viability of the acquisition for the investment board. It detailed ROI’s, P&Ls, marketing and sales strategies; and a comprehensive action plan.
Edison O. Jackson Single Fathers Program (Medgar Evers College) — developed a fundraising and interim marketing plan to launch the expansion and introduction of the EOJ Single Fathers Program to the general public. The fundraising event was planned for 500 potential guests in a two-month timeframe. Our “Rapid Funds” sponsorship plan was instrumental in securing corporate donations and future support for the program from such corporations as Coca Cola Company, JPMorganChase and Mary Kay Cosmetics. Successful defrayment of associated costs by an estimated $10,000 is attributed to these corporate participants.

Verticom, Inc. — developed the business plan that acquired this Nigerian-based spin-off company $3.5 million in start-up capital. Subsequently retained to develop and deploy a $250,000 strategic marketing and sales plan to facilitate brand marketing and increase revenue acquisition.

The Pit, Inc.— developed strategic marketing and sales plans to increase market visibility along the southeast coast and expand
territory sales for this Atlanta-based condiment company. The executed plan was expected to generate new profit revenues from $50K to over $1.5M for 2002.


Since 2002, secured over $68M in funding from the following sources, as well as others. (For recent funding secured, please visit EYESINC website.


Metamorphosis—Caterpillar to Butterfly is a reference guide for small to medium nonprofits and entrepreneurs who seek to expand their organizational capacity, as well as strengthen their success through external funding.
Metamorphosis—Caterpillar to Butterfly provides guidance and resources on starting a small enterprise…the steps needed to be successful, and the pitfalls for which to be careful. For nonprofit agencies, it provides comprehensive guidance on the mechanics of proposal writing, and secrets to enhancing their chances to secure Federal and State grants.